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— IP Attorney & founder Neo IP

JiNan Glasgow George



JiNan is recognized worldwide for her expertise in intellectual property and strategy. She is the co-founder of Magic Number ( dba Patent Forecast) as well as the founder of Neo IP. She has spoken about intellectual property before the UN Economic Commission for Europe and been a featured speaker at IP conferences across four continents. JiNan has been featured in Bloomberg News and Forbes, and she is a member of the Forbes Tech Council.

As an inventor, entrepreneur, patent attorney, and former USPTO patent examiner, JiNan’s background allows her to see intellectual property from the corporate, legal services, and government perspectives — a unique personal perspective not common in this industry.

She is registered to practice in NC, and her technical background includes textiles, mechanical, chemical and electrical engineering. In addition, she has experience with polymer fiber science composites, biomedical devices, surgical applications, fiber optics, software, energy, biotech, and pulp/paper science. She has degrees in engineering, law, and theology from NC State University, UNC-Chapel Hill, and Duke University, respectively.



JiNan Glasgow George is proud to be the founder and co-founder of well-established companies and initiatives. She has received several prestigious awards and recognitions.

NEO IP Founder

Established 2006

Awarded 2022



JiNan has achieved impressive success in her industry and is also a prolific author. Her work has been published in various prestigious journals.



JiNan hosts the podcast Own Your Zone where she feature Venture Capitalists, innovation-focused private equity companies, and other early stage investors.

Own Your Zone

with JiNan Glasgow George

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On today’s episode of Own Your Zone Podcast, JiNan Glasgow George invites Davis Jones, Founder of Eazl,, and, to talk about building and investing in technology and software companies.

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In today’s episode of Own Your Zone Podcast, JiNan Glasgow George welcomes Charles Hudson, Founder and Managing Partner of Precursor Ventures, to discuss VC trends in the software landscape.

Charles addresses how AI impacts investments in software companies, investors’ ideal due diligence criteria for early-stage businesses, and his approach to managing a VC fund.

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In this episode of the Own Your Zone Podcast, JiNan Glasgow George hosts Al Buda, the Founder and Managing Partner of Aware Partners, who discusses unicorn funding trends. Al also addresses data investment trends, the future of global innovation, and the relationship between data and AI.

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In this episode of Own Your Zone Podcast, JiNan Glasgow George invites John Hagel, Management Consultant, Trusted Advisor, and Motivational Speaker at Beyond Our Edge, LLC, to speak about cultivating innovative opportunities for the future. John talks about futurism, the Big Shift, digitization, and the future of work.

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Allison Baum Gates, a General Partner at SemperVirens, joins JiNan Glasgow George in this episode of the Own Your Zone Podcast for a discussion on partnering with funding businesses and VC firms. Allison talks about AI’s potential in VC and technology industries, how to leverage VC funds to optimize business funding, and notable IP trends in venture capital.

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In today’s episode of Own Your Zone Podcast, JiNan Glasgow George sits down with the CEO of Solaris Suborbital, Daniel Doulton, to talk about innovation in the aerospace industry. Daniel describes how data influences Solaris Suborbital’s innovations, AI’s applications in aerospace engineering, and how Solaris Suborbital has advanced commercial flight innovation.

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